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Choose Positivity For A Fruitful 2022

Choose Positivity For A Fruitful 2022

In today's world, it's easy to focus on the negative things. However, today is a great opportunity to choose positivity! Here's how.

Choose positivity this year and reap the benefits!

Life is hard, there’s no doubting that. Getting up every day to do our mundane errands, go to our 9-5 jobs, or help our children get ready for school, it can all be tiresome. Often, we find that our mindset can leave us feeling defeated or negative. We may start thinking, “What’s the point?” or, “Does this even matter?”

Short answer - yes, it does matter. However, when we find ourselves in a rut, our thoughts tend to be less than positive. In fact, they’ll most likely be harsh.

The new year is here, which gives us the perfect opportunity to start a new chapter in our lives and choose positivity. Rather than focusing on the "standard" physical change, such as losing weight, let’s call attention to enhancing our mental state.

Here’s how to have a more positive outlook in 2020!


Try Keeping a Gratitude Journal

Sometimes our daily life can be overwhelming and stressful. That can lead us to be ungrateful and take our blessings for granted. This new year, buy a journal and try writing five things that you're thankful for, each day. Maybe your partner cleaned the bathroom this morning? Or your coworker bought you a cup of coffee? It could even be as simple as dropping the kids off on time. Writing down these simple things, daily, can help lift your spirits and allow happiness to blossom.



Everyone is busy, there’s no doubt about that. Try to find some time in your day, or week, to just sit in a quiet place and breathe. Our breath controls how we feel, so try closing your eyes and meditate, focusing on your breath in and out for several minutes. We guarantee you’ll be able to relax and feel more grateful.


Use Positive Words to Describe Your Life

Instead of saying, “Ugh, my life is so busy. I’m so tired all the time!” try re-framing the sentences to, “My life is full of life, I’m very involved with my family.”

Our mind hears the words we speak to ourselves, and that can affect our attitude. If you replace stressful or negative words with more positive ones, you’ll find yourself seeing your everyday life in a new light.

It’s never too late to become the person you want to be. And you don't have to wait for a new day, week or year in order to change your outlook and choose positivity. Try these simple tips and see how easily your mindset can change for the better. Good luck!


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