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Eco Apparel Stores for the Environmentally Conscious Fashionista

Eco Apparel Stores for the Environmentally Conscious Fashionista

Many stores are making the switch to ethically sustainable fashion — here are a few eco apparel brands.

These eco apparel brands are helping the environment with their clean production!

Fashion has just become a little more ethically conscious and certain stores are following suit. There are many stores making the switch to ethically sustainable fashion and other ethically sustainable goods.

When you consume products that are thoughtfully created, you pass on the message that you care about the environment and how our actions affect the Earth. More of the public is making the shift toward this way of buying and companies are taking notice. Companies are creating and shifting to ethically conscious brands as well as cutting down on unnecessary waste from the fashion and beauty industry.

It may be a little confusing when you're trying to make the switch, so we're here to help! Below, we showcase some eco apparel shops to get you started on your journey.


This ethical shopping experience brings you all of the cutest looks! Accompany has had a good run so far and doesn’t look like it will be going anywhere soon. They specialize in ethical artisan pieces and back every purchase with a story. That’s a plus for anyone who likes one-of-a-kind pieces. 

In addition to fashion and accessories, they also offer home and lifestyle goods. All items are curated with the specific goal of perpetuating sustainability. 

Kaight Shop

This Brooklyn-based company started with a very simple mission. Make it organic, recyclable, fair trade, local, and zero waste. Kaight Shop offers a plethora of fashionable goods including clothing, accessories, and even decor. This is a great place for the environmentally conscious to shop for themselves, their home, and even their significant other! This ethical shop caters to both men and women, which is always a nice surprise. 

Amour Vert

Sustainable fashion staples. This is what you’ll find at Amour Vert. If you're a fan of brands like American Apparel, Gap, H&M, and the like, this may be right up your alley. Amour Vert uses sustainable materials like beechwood, organic cotton, and other materials made from trees. And for every T-shirt you buy, they plant a tree, which is naturally good for the environment.

Amour Vert also does something really cool: they limit the quantity of clothing produced with their limited stock to avoid excess waste and ensure high-quality products. This may be the most responsible idea we've seen in a company thus far.



Ethica features beautiful artisan goods that are mainly manufactured here in the US. This online shop is big on using non-toxic and biodegradable materials, as well as zero-waste products. All of the stores and brands they work with have the same mentality so you can rest assured that you’ll be lightening your carbon footprint when you buy from this site. You can find shoes, clothing, bags, jewelry, and beauty products. Ethica's biggest goal is to responsibly navigate the fashion and beauty world as well as keep products out of landfills. This is a great place to shop for both ethically sourced beauty products and fashion!

Maison de Mode

Maison de Mode brings us the message that luxury doesn’t have to kill our planet! It all started in 2012 with a pop-up shop, and the rest was history. This company offers a unique shopping experience. If you have champagne-level taste, this is a site you may want to visit. Their goods are cruelty-free, organic, artisanal, fair trade, recycled and made in the US. Maison de Mode also donates to charity and holds the coveted “Butterfly Mark.” The Butterfly Mark is a badge of ethical luxury honor. It signifies that this lifestyle brand makes a commitment to having a positive impact on people and the planet.


Hazel and Rose

Hazel and Rose is sustainable fashion at its best. This Minnesota-based company believes in making fashion chic, long-lasting, and purposeful. You’ll find a few different environmentally conscious projects and ideas on their homepage featured right alongside their clothing, proving that the things we buy are just as important as the way we treat our earthly resources.

Speaking of resources, check out their project called "Human Resources." It focuses on the humans they work with, the resources we consume, and how we can better the relationships we have with both. That is a very noble cause and if you are a real stickler for treating the earth well, this may just be the perfect shop for you!

Did you like our list of eco apparel brands? Let us know who else you would include!


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