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New York Fashion 2022

New York Fashion 2022: Beauty Trends

Every year, NYFW starts trends and freely gives inspiration. See what New York fashion 2022 has in store.

New York fashion 2022 is your best guide for finding the best new looks!

NYFW showcases trends that are meant to inspire and spark creativity from statement jewelry, bedazzled nails, and faux mullets. These trends are then digested by the masses with their various interpretations. New York fashion 2022 is all about the clothes, but it’s rounded out by the hair, makeup, and jewelry to tell a story about the collection as a whole.

This season didn't disappoint. With punky colors from the 80s and lived-in, grungy hair from the 90s, the looks ranged from expressive to demure, to sultry.


Hair and Makeup

AREA infused a modern and futuristic look with a timeless feel in their new collection. Some models' long hair took on an attractive shape as scarves, which stood as statements on their own. Other models were adorned with jewel-encrusted headpieces that looked like strands of hair, as they graced the catwalk.


Tom Ford turned up the sultry heat with the sleek side-part and low twisted hair, evoking a men's cut with an ode to a mod 60s pixie cut. The hair looked sexy and masculine at the same time. A classic Tom Ford smoky bronzed eye, contoured skin, and bare lip amped up the show-stopping look.


Newcomer Christopher John Rogers' Sunday Church enlivened collection made a bold splash on the runway, with monochromatic garments that he said were inspired by his grandmother. This fresh new designer's take on eveningwear already has many A-list celebrities eager to get their hands on these sweet, contemporary pieces.

From hot pink to robin blue, to duo-chrome green, these head-to-toe looks were paired with hairstyles that equally stood out. Afros reminiscent of clouds graced models' heads and, oddly enough, balanced out their extravagant gowns.


Drop earrings, leather gloves, wide belts, and statement necklaces were everywhere on the runway. There was no shortage of accessories this season.


Ulla Johnson had striking kimono-style wide belts that are a fashionista's dream. These statement pieces would work well dressed up or down. You wouldn't even need to add any more accessories - these belts will take center stage to any outfit.

And if you need a little 80s punk vibe in your life? Turn to Monse's tartan belt chokers and safety-pin earrings for inspiration. NYC-based Monse pulled influences from Fantastic Mr. Fox and added a fresh new twist to what they imagine 'punk' to be. The collection was brought to life with fresh new eyes, giving the garments an ultramodern feel.



We all love a good manicure. Sometimes we need to switch up our safe-hued polish for something a little more daring. These nail inspos will give you a great reason to book a mani STAT!

Green nails are trending but matte green nails have taken over. This vibrant, earthy color is bold and neutral all in one. The tone was showcased at Tadashi Shoji along with other emerald hues like royal blue, and ruby red.

Looking to add a little design to your nails instead of a solid color? Check out the nails at Rag & Bone. These snake nails will make anyone take a second look. Use two contrasting colors to make the pattern stand out.

After seeing all these new trends, are there any that you’re going to try in the upcoming season? And for more New York Fashion 2022 inspo, read our take on NYFW 2020 Street Style here


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