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NYC Fashion Week 2022

NYC Fashion Week 2022: Street Style

During NYC Fashion Week 2022, individual creativity was on full display, and it was glorious!

NYC Fashion Week 2022 has us amazed at the inspiring looks!

When you think of style, you think of celebrities, fashion designers, and the models walking down the runway showcasing the new collections that designers have created. But fashion trends aren't found only on the catwalk. Sometimes the most inspiring looks are worn by everyday people.

This year's New York Fashion Week showgoers brought their A-game. Winter-appropriate outerwear was front and center, mostly due to - you guessed it - the cold and gloomy New York weather. However, that didn't stop some showgoers from displaying some serious style while trying to stay warm, walking the streets with killer skirts, crop tops, or shorts. These street styles are the inspiration we all need during these winter months.

There was a lot of vintage, sustainable street style spotted at NYC Fashion Week 2022. More and more fashion influencers are embracing sustainable fashion due to the ecological effects of the textile industry. And, who says you can't find fantastic garments at thrift stores? You'd be surprised at the interesting and fun clothes you can score if you take the time to scour through different thrift stores.


The most colorful, fuzzy, puffy, and long coats were gracing the streets of New York.

Muted tones

What says "gloomy weather" better than a muted color palette that complements the season. The weather inspired some showgoers to keep their color palette minimal with tones of black, slate grey, and olive. The hue selection was very telling of the temperature in the city. But let's be real, this color palette never goes out of style.



Consider giving up a high heel or pointy toe to avoid exhausted phalanges at the end of the day. In New York, there's a lot of walking, so you need to find yourself in comfortable, yet fashionable, boots to get you from point A to point B. Plus, nothing says winter like a good pair of boots to keep your stems warm. 

These showgoers knew precisely how to turn up at an NYFW event.



Your accessories can take a simple outfit to the next level. You can wear a 'simple' outfit, bump up the wow-factor with some jaw-dropping accessories, and you've got a completely different look. There are endless accessories that can spruce up your look. Try a belt, a hat, rings, earrings, necklaces, or sunnies, to name a few.

Define your look with pieces that you love and find appealing. Think of adding a chunky necklace, hoop earrings, or a fresh pair of shades. Or, add all three!

These pieces, although bold, work well. She exuded confidence and pulled off the look well. By keeping her hair in cornrow braids, she kept all the focus on her accessories.

We're excited to rummage through our closets and see what outfits we can put together that are inspired by the street styles at NYC Fashion Week 2022. Were there any looks that stood out to you that you'd like to try out?

And if you'd like more New York Fashion Week inspo, check out our take on NYFW 2020 Beauty Trends here.


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