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The Rise of Soft Boy Aesthetic

The Rise of Soft Boy Aesthetic

We're moving past the age of misogyny and toxic masculinity. instead, we're moving into the soft boy aesthetic. Learn more about it here!

The soft boy aesthetic is the newest trend and we’re all here for it!

According to Urban Dictionary, the main definition of a “softboy” is a boy who is less stereotypically masculine and is described as “cute” based on their soft or gentle characteristics. The soft boy aesthetic look is giving men the opportunity to finally let their more feminine characteristics shine through without the repercussions of toxic masculinity.


Origin Story

The softboy aesthetic has been going on for a few years but has only recently started to gain more attention on apps like TikTok. TikTok is an app where people can upload videos of themselves, typically lip-syncing to something or using popular audio in creative ways. This app is known for attracting users who are incredibly open to different people, including sexuality and gender identification.

When the term “softboy” surfaced on the internet, it was more in relation to being the polar opposite of the well-known “f*ckboy” personality of men. These types of men are players and are proud of it. You know them. You hate them. You also love them. The softboy was its counterpart, a boy that doesn’t just want you to know that he has emotions, he wants you to know that he has them and he’s completely okay with that.

Since then, the softboy trend has evolved into more than just the evil twin of the f*ckboy. You could even say the softboy aesthetic is comparable to the metrosexual trend of the early 2000s.


Masculinity vs Femininity in Men

For years, men have been forced into a social box dictating that they must be "strong and masculine" in order to be considered attractive. They were taught to suppress their feelings and only do activities one would deem “manly,” like hunting, fishing, or sports. Heterosexual women tend to find themselves mostly attracted to men who are generally considered more masculine because they feel like that is the type of man that they feel safe and protected by.

Ladies, it’s 2020. You don’t need a masculine man to protect you anymore! The rise of the softboy is giving men the opportunity to finally enjoy the "softer" things in life that they previously felt they weren’t allowed to enjoy. Being able to embrace their softer personality traits without the fear of being judged is an incredible thing - for all genders.

The term has been ever-evolving, but we’re loving the current definition of it. It’s okay for men to have a softer side, and we’re all for them being able to embrace this side of themselves more. Let your soft boy aesthetic shine through this year! We’re here for it!


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