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Augmented Reality Skincare is the Latest Beauty Trend

Augmented Reality Skincare is the Latest Beauty Trend

See how the beauty industry is enhancing its services and launches with augmented reality skincare.

Augmented reality skincare is taking the beauty and wellness world by storm!

Virtual reality is more popular than ever, and it’s not just something to be enjoyed while playing video games. Today, the beauty industry is incorporating augmented reality skincare into your favorite services to enhance relaxation and wellness. Beauty brands are collaborating with specialty VR software companies to bring you a truly unique beauty experience that transports you through VR to another world while you enjoy your services.

Additionally, beauty brands like Joico and Matrix are using virtual reality presentations to celebrate their new launches and expand their educational offerings. As of November 2016, L’Oréal partnered with virtual reality software company 8i to help train Matrix hairstylists through virtual reality classes.


Beauty, Health and Virtual Reality

In some metropolitan cities, several companies have popped up offering VR services. At Esqapes, the first VR massage center to open in Los Angeles, guests can enjoy automated chair massages while transporting to a faraway destination, with prices well below travel costs: 30-minute massage treatments are available for only $35. While sitting in the massage chairs, guests can choose from a variety of virtual worlds to compliment the massage. Choices include a tropical retreat, cherry blossom garden paradise, snowbank cabin, sunset beach, desert spa oasis and more.

And recently, popular Los Angeles nail salon, Bellacures also added virtual reality to their services menu. Visitors can listen to peaceful music and watch beautiful virtual reality scenery to help them relax and incorporate a meditative element into their manicures. VR destinations include a mesmerizing waterfall in Southern Iceland, a tranquil forest in rural New York, or a Kauai beach during sunset.


VR at Home

If you love the idea of trying out augmented reality skincare, you don’t have to leave home, thanks to VR headsets like the Oculus. Oculus offers guided relaxation VR experiences like “Nature Treks,” “Forest of Serenity,” “Zen Zone,” and “Calm Place.” With these programs, you can experience calm serene settings and wellness meditations.

And while you find yourself quarantined at home for the next several weeks, why not order an on-demand beauty service while relaxing in a beautiful Oculus VR world? With just a few clicks, a beauty PRO from MOBILESTYLES can be at your door to pamper you with a massage or a mani/pedi - or you can have a MOBILESTYLES hairstylist give your kids haircuts (and keep them entertained for a bit) while you enjoy a peaceful, virtual stroll on "the beach."


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