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Swimsuits for Every Body Shape Show off Your Body

Swimsuits for Every Body Shape: Show off Your Body

Dreading putting on a swimsuit during the summer is something we can all relate to. So, we've rounded up a list of the best swimsuits for every body shape!

Being self-conscious about one's body is a thing of the past! And people everywhere are celebrating, women in particular. Hollywood has pushed their ever-changing unreachable beauty standards on young, as well as older, women. After years and years of trying to gain an unrealistic body, women everywhere are starting a revolution and are learning to accept and love themselves, no matter what anyone else thinks. The message is simple. Embrace your body! It does awesome things for you so love the skin you’re in.


We can’t think of a better way to celebrate this summer than to hit the beach! There are tons of looks and swimwear to choose from this year. Having options for every body type help women everywhere to find the perfect swimsuit that makes them feel stylish and beautiful on these hot summer beach days.


Pear-shaped – The pear-shaped beauty is known for being curvy at the hips and thighs and smaller on top. Some of our favorite divas have this body shape. Beyoncé and Jennifer Lopez are famous for their pear-shaped curves. If you want to show your curvy bottom, wear a bikini with a plunging neckline or printed top as well as bikini bottoms that have a thicker band. You can also stick with the traditional “bikini” cut swimsuit.


Apple-shaped – The apple-shaped goddess is known for being a little curvier in the midsection. You can choose to cover it up or not! The crossover fabric on a stylish monokini looks good. You can also rock a retro-inspired high-waisted bikini! They both look amazing and there are so many patterns and styles to choose from.


Banana-shaped – Or athletic shaped ladies are smaller all around with less curvature in the hips and bust line. You can get a bit more playful if you like! Ruffles are on trend, so why now give that look a try. You can also rock a monokini or a teeny tiny bikini to play up your figure and create curves!


Hourglass – This voluptuous beauty has curves at the top and curves on the bottom. I say play up that teeny little waist! Try a triangle bikini or boxy halter top for a fun look. Color-blocking and high waists look good as well.


The swimsuit section is your playground. No matter what you choose, as long as you feel confident and beautiful then that’s all that matters. This guide is a good starting point for you so take some notes, find your perfect look, and see you at the beach!



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