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Put together your beauty portfolio with these helpful tips

Put together your beauty portfolio with these helpful tips

When you're starting in the beauty industry, it's hard to get high paying clients when you don't have a lot of work to showcase.

Luckily, in the days of social media, it's pretty easy to get visibility for yourself when you have Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok at your fingertips.

You can start showing off your talent by taking good-quality images on Instagram with good lighting and editing out minimal imperfections. Use the hashtags that will give you the most visibility on the platform. Engage with your followers and share your knowledge with them.

This is only one part of your beauty portfolio. Gone are the days where you only needed a print portfolio to share with potential clients. However, you will need this as part of your overall presentation.

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Print Portfolio

A print portfolio will allow your potential client to thumb through your work while you sit in front of them, allowing you to give context to each image they're looking at in real-time. Please refrain from using bold patterns and colors as they're not as sleek or modern as a black or brown portfolio.

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Your print portfolio should have a flow to it, and you should group similar images together. Only choose your best pictures to add to your collection (e.g. if you have several black and white photos, portraits, weddings, editorials, or lifestyle shots, group them in a way that will appeal to the intended prospect).

Add several copies of your resume, CV, and business cards if you think your potential client will need extra information to remember you and gain their business. And, last but not least, make sure that your portfolio has been double and triple checked for grammar and spelling errors. You may be in the business of beauty, but there is nothing more off-putting than lacking a basic understanding of the language you're presenting in.

Online portfolio

It's not enough to have a print portfolio and have some visibility on social media. You're a business, and you need to market yourself as such. Your website allows you to share additional information that you didn't add in your print portfolio or on your social media. Each platform is a different touchpoint for your prospect, and you should leverage each one differently.

Your website can have an about page that allows your potential clients to get to know you on a deeper level. Your online portfolio can have additional images or categories you didn't add to the print version. Categories like Special FX, Proms, Men's Grooming, and the like. Basically, work that you do but not as often. You can also add some before and after shots on your online portfolio, so you don't have to bog down the printed version of your makeup artist portfolio.

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Putting together your portfolio can be overwhelming, and getting started might be paralyzing, so why not allow us to help you? Becoming part of the MOBILESTYLES team will give you the tools you need to get your portfolio up and running. When you become a MOBILESTYLES member, you'll have access to an online portfolio where you can showcase your work and get the visibility you need to get your name out there. Not only that, but you'll be promoted on the MOBILESTYLES platforms as well. Contact us today to see all of the other benefits you'll receive.


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