Not only has it brought the art form of drag into mainstream media, it has also launched the careers of many fabulous and well-deserving drag queens.

I’ve been a fan of the reality TV show since season one and have loved following the queens careers since. With over 140 queens, Ru Paul’s Drag Race has a plethora of queens to follow and support on social media.

If you don’t feel like following all 140, here are my favorite and FIERCE drag queens you should follow on social media!

Trixie Mattel


Trixie Mattel is my absolute favorite drag queen. Not only is she hilarious with her famous catch phrases such as, “OHHHH HONEY” and clever puns, her makeup looks are extremely unique. Inspired by Barbie doll’s makeup from the 60’s, Trixie uses extreme makeup techniques to look like her own version of a Barbie. Plus she just recently launched her own makeup line called Trixie’s Cosmetics. If you feel like having a good laugh go check out her YouTube channel, she will have you dying with laughter.

Kim Chi