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5 Ways of Supporting Your Community During the Pandemic

5 Ways of Supporting Your Community During the Pandemic

Even though we're socially distancing ourselves from others, that doesn’t mean we can’t continue supporting our community.

Check out these 5 ways of supporting your community during the pandemic.

This year has tested our willpower and compassion. While it's more difficult to go out and help, you still can. Below we go over 5 ways of supporting your community now.


Write Letters to Seniors in Nursing Homes

COVID-19 continues to affect the elderly. They need to be extra cautious, so many of these individuals are now stuck in their rooms in senior homes with limited contact with the outside world. During this time of isolation, they are lonely as ever. Make a senior citizen’s day by becoming their penpal. Exchanging letters and small trinkets will make their year. To learn more, contact your local senior citizen housing facility to see if they are participating.


Pay it Forward

You do not need to volunteer your time to help your community this year. Instead, pay it forward. Many people are struggling financially, so on your next trip to the grocery store, coffee shop, restaurant, or store, pay for the person’s order behind or ahead of you. This act of kindness will make that stranger’s day and possibly even their year.


Compliment Strangers

Sometimes all it takes to support your area during tough times is to compliment others or tell them they are doing a good job. All this social isolation has taken a toll on many people’s mental health. Many people are struggling with depression and anxiety. Complimenting strangers will give them a better view of the day and possibly their life.

Volunteer at a Homeless Shelter

Homelessness has increased since the coronavirus hit the world. Many people have lost their jobs, making it impossible to pay for their homes. In turn, eviction rates have skyrocketed, and many people forcefully left their homes. Thus, making them resort to living in their cars, shelters, or even on the street. Spend a few hours a week helping however you can. If you were ever in that situation, you would want someone to help you as well.


Foster Animals

As pet adoptions have skyrocketed this year, people have more time to be with their beloved pets. Unfortunately, shelters have reduced their staff and hours, making it harder to take in more animals. That’s where you come in. If you have extra space, time, and love in your life, consider fostering animals. Whether it is a disabled dog or newborn kitten, they all need love and help until they go to their forever home.

This year may have been crazy, but that doesn’t mean you can’t help. Follow the suggestions above to help in supporting your community.


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