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6 Acts of Self-Care You Can Add to Your Daily Routine

6 Acts of Self-Care You Can Add to Your Daily Routine

Acts of self-care are important to becoming the happiest person you can be.

Acts of self-care can make you feel more happy and content.

While it may seem selfish to spend more time focusing on yourself and your needs, it’s so necessary. Start by incorporating these six simple acts of self-care into your life and see how much happier you become.

Incorporate these acts of self-care into your life and watch your mental and physical health improve!


Meditate and breathe

Meditation can seem like an intimidating practice to get into, but it’s really as simple as taking a minute or two for yourself to slow down and focus on your breathing. By taking a few minutes during your day to be silent, look inward, and focus on your breath, particularly in times of stress, you can greatly improve your overall well-being and mental health.


Drink more water

Drinking water is one of the most important acts of self-care you can do to improve and maintain your overall health. Drinking two liters of water a day is a simple and effective way to take care of your body.

social media

Clean up your social media

Like it or not, we spend a lot of our time scrolling on social media — make sure that your feed is a happy place to be! Unfriend, unfollow, or unsubscribe to anything or anyone that brings you negativity or drains your energy. This is a simple act of self-care that can have a lasting impact.



Take a few minutes each day to journal your thoughts. Write about what you’re grateful for, write your goals, write your dreams, stresses, feelings — write it all! This act of self-care will make you feel better and will help you let go of the negativity and to focus on the positive.


Eat more vegetables

Rather than forcing yourself to stick to a strict diet, simply incorporate more vegetables into your meals and snacks, and watch yourself feel better in no time!


Unplug before bed

Unplug from your phone, computer, and TV at least an hour before bed, to ensure you get a good night’s sleep!

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