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4 Ways You Can Wear Pearl Jewelry

4 Ways You Can Wear Pearl Jewelry

Pearls: They're timeless, classy, and elegant. They'll spice up any outfit. Check out these ways to wear pearl jewelry with your wardrobe.

The desire to wear pearl accessories has always remained steadfast. 

If you love them as much as the royalty above, but do not know how to wear pearls, check out this guide on how to style them.


Simple yet Sleek

A very easy way to wear pearl is to pair it with a very simple yet sleek outfit. Office wear, black and white outfits, and simple outfits always look great with pearls. You do not need to go all out to wear pearls. Channel your inner middle to upper-class housewife if you want inspiration. A good tip to remember is to keep your clothes neutral and then add the pearls as a statement piece.


Pretty and Practical

Pearls work great as an accessory if you do not want to wear super complicated designs or styles. Wear pearl with outfits that you want to add pretty and practical touches to. No matter what you are wearing — scrubs, skirts, jumpsuits, or anything else — adding pearls gives it an additional pleasant sight. If you don’t want the pearls to be the central point, keep the jewelry small and simple. Earrings, a necklace, or even a ring work perfectly.


Opulent and Refine

Since pearls are known for their elegance, then you can always wear pearl when you are dressing up for special occasions. Award ceremonies, galas, weddings, and other special events are perfect for pearls. It will also add an extra level of elegance to any dress or suit you put on. Or, if you are more adventurous, try an outfit that incorporates pearls.


Sense of Edginess

You do not have to dress simple or elegant to wear pearl. If you like to make a fashion statement or start new trends, try wearing your pearls that add edginess to your clothing. Pair them with vibrant or spunky clothing. Or, if you like to try different clothing, try to find pieces like tops, bags, shoes, or even socks that have pearls attached to them. The more different and fun you go, the edgier your pearls will look.

How do you wear pearl with your outfits? Show us pictures on Instagram! And if you would like more help styling them, contact a PRO in your area today. 


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