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How To Market Your Health amp Beauty Services for Men

How To Market Your Health & Beauty Services for Men

Are you struggling with marketing your health and beauty services for men? Then, you need to check out this guide!

Many people don't realize that beauty services for men have a huge market.

However, you'll need to change up your marketing strategy to target their demographic. Many beauty and health companies struggle with finding a way to persuade their demographic to sign up for their beauty services for men. But we're here to help!

Use Their Lingo

The first step you need to take in marketing to men is to use their lingo. While women like adjectives and figurative language, men are straight to the point. They don’t like seeing additional words and phrases. While marketing to men, you also need to find a balance between feminine and masculine diction. They want to hear both but not too much where they question either side.

Keep it Straightforward

Like we mentioned above, men like things to go straight to the point. They do not need to see additional adjectives or extra design elements. For example, when comparing men’s and women’s body washes. Men's items tend to only have two or fewer colors, simple text, and limited images, while women's items have multiple colors, designs, and fonts.

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Market on Sites They Visit

You can never successfully market to men if you do not promote your business on the sites they are on. Typically, men enjoy websites like men’s magazines (GQ, Esquire, Rolling Stones, etc.), fitness, popular brands, shoes, hobby, and accessories. The top social media platforms that men visit are Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Reddit.

Mention Top Brands

Men love hearing about popular brands. Anytime they hear a trending brand, they always gravitate toward it. While your business may not necessarily sell branded items, do not be afraid to name out the brands you do use. A few beauty brands that men will know are Calvin Klein, Tom Ford, and Kiehl’s.

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Showcase the Benefits for Them

Just like women, men want to know the benefits of products. While women want the benefits to be more for the perfect look, men want long-lasting benefits. So if you have a service that lasts 24-hours or up, do not be afraid to mention that while creating ads. Make sure to include how your health and beauty services will benefit them. The more information you layout for them, the more likely they will schedule appointments with you.

Show Proof

While women like soft words with a lot of promise, men want to see the proof. They want to know before even considering the product or service if it really works. However, overreaching for your facts will deter these shoppers from coming to you. Instead, provide exact information and statistics when marketing to men. Also, do not be afraid to show reviews from other men.

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Upload Ads and Banners

50% of young men between the ages of 25 to 40 are influenced by digital banners and ads. Men are also more likely to make purchases or sign up for things online compared to women. Therefore, you have unlimited amounts of marketing opportunities for men, especially if you focus on the digital aspect of your beauty and health business. To make this happen, you need to make sure you have a presence on social media and that you are sending your ads to the websites they are visiting.

Don't lose hope in marketing beauty services for men. Follow the steps above to target the men in your area for your health and beauty business. Or, for a stress-free experience in finding and booking clients, download for MOBILESTYLES App today!


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