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Beauty amp Fashion Trivia Facts to be Aware of

Beauty & Fashion Trivia Facts to be Aware of

Trivia lovers, this one's for you! Check out all these beauty and fashion trivia facts that you need to know.

Trivia fanatics will love to play these fashion trivia facts!

These fashion trivia facts are not just for science, history, and pop culture. Instead, there are thousands of things everyone can learn about from the cosmetic and apparel industries. That is why we created the ultimate guide about beauty and fashion facts all trivia lovers need to know.

The Two Oldest Pieces of Clothing

For this fact, we have to go back to prehistoric times where humans hunted and gathered their meals and Woolly Mammoths roamed the earth. Not surprising to many people, one of the oldest items of clothing is the loincloth. We’ve seen pictures and even old movies showing this old garment; however, not many people can guess the next one. And that is a skirt. Yes, an item of clothing that we still wear today began way before we even existed.

people's hand on gray mud

Ancient Beauty Ingredients

Ancient civilizations like Rome needed ways to improve their complexion, and they went a very unique route. Mud baths do wonders for the skin, but instead of sticking with clay mud, the Romans took it a step up and exclusively used crocodile feces in this activity. And less extremely, the Romans treated their pimples with a mixture of flour and butter.


The First Fashion Magazine

For as long as we can remember, fashion magazines have been selling off the racks. From Vogue to Harper Bazaar, people cannot get enough about the newest trends and fashion items. But did you know the first-ever fashion magazine sold was in Germany in 1586?


Antique Hair Dye Ingredient

While we can easily just go to our hairdresser or the closest supermarket or cosmetic store to pick up a hair dye, people from the past did not have it so easy. Instead, they had to make theirs from scratch. Ingredients included in hair dye products were henna, black cows blood, and tadpoles all crushed in warm oil. Luckily, we have animal-friendly ingredients now to get the color we want.

The Longest Wedding Dress

Many people go all out for weddings. From extravagant venues to over-the-top performers, they always find a way to throw a huge party. So, it is no surprise that there was a bride who wanted the world’s longest wedding dress. This particular bride had a 1.86-mile train for her wedding dress. As we all can guess, it probably took the bride forever to walk down the aisle, and we truly hope that she did not have any issues walking or standing in it.

The First Drag Queen to Be a Beauty Spokesperson

While drag queens are popular these days, especially in the beauty world, that was not always the case. In 1994, drag began paving a way in the cosmetic industry when M.A.C. cosmetics signed RuPaul as the first drag queen to be a beauty spokesperson and model.

woman in red and blue floral dress painting

Japanese and Chinese Ancient Beauty Trends

Beauty trends are always changing. Even ancient civilizations had specific cosmetic trends they followed. While many places have unique ones, China and Japan may take the cake. During the time of emperors and dynasties, women would pluck their eyebrows off, paint their faces white with rice powder and paint their teeth gold or even black.

The First Hoop Skirt

By the mid-1850s, hoop skirts peaked in popularity. There were even cases where hoop skirts were so large that women could not walk through doors. However, the first hoop skirt created was not for fashion, but instead to hide a secret. Portugal ruler, Queen Juana, wore the first hoop skirt to conceal her pregnancy.

Historic Anti-Wrinkle Tips

Nowadays, we have all sorts of creams and serums to help reduce our wrinkles, but during the 18th century, they did not have that luxury. English women would put raw beef slices on their faces to prevent and reduce their fine lines and wrinkles.

First Pair of Doc Martens

By the 90s, many people owned at least one pair of Doc Martens. But did you know that even before then, that the first pair was made from tires? What an innovative way to create a shoe. However, Doc Martens are now made like many other shoes and come in a variety of sizes, designs, and colors.

Free Architecture Image

The Discovery of Eyeliner

While you may think that only women would be all about eyeliner, in fact, Egyptian men even sported this cosmetic piece. Interestingly enough, the first-ever discovered eyeliner was in King Tutankhamun’s tomb. And, eyeliner did not become popular again until the 1920s.

We hope we added extra knowledge to your trivia index. Do you have any more fashion trivia facts? Let us know on social media!


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