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6 Mascara Tips Thatrsquoll Make You a Lash Pro

6 Mascara Tips That’ll Make You a Lash Pro

Are you struggling with getting your mascara to be just right? No need to worry — we're giving all the mascara tips you need to know.

A makeup look isn’t complete without our favorite product — here are some mascara tips we swear by!

Whether you want to lengthen your eyelashes, add color, or increase your lash volume, you need to have the right mascara and know how to apply it properly. Luckily, these mascara tips are sure to help you!


Find Your Color

While we automatically think of black or brown mascara, there are many different shades of it. Depending on what look you are going for, you can find almost any color you want (blue, green, white, pink, yellow, etc.). However, if you are looking for one of the more unique colors, you may need to search online or visit your local cosmetic store.

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Pick What You Want the Mascara to Do

Did you know that certain mascaras have specific duties? For example, you can apply mascara to add volume, lengthen your lashes, last for hours, or resist water. Determining your goal will help you pick out what kind of wand you need.


Curl Your Eyelashes

Before applying the mascara, make sure to curl your eyelashes. Curling them will help define, shape, and place your lashes in the same direction. You can achieve this with an eyelash curler that you can find at supermarkets and beauty stores.

Declump Formula

Over time, our favorite mascaras dry up and become clumpy. It is inevitable. But enjoy a few more uses by de-clumping the formula with heat. Secure the cap and place the product in warm water. If your wand is older than three months, you are better off replacing it.


Apply Baby Powder

An old trick is to apply talc-free baby powder or translucent powder to your lashes after the first application. Once the powder is on, you brush off the excess and reapply a second coat of mascara. And, before you know it, you will have thick and volumized eyelashes.

Brush Out Clumps

After a thick application, you may have clumpy mascara. Before the mascara dries, use a clean wand to brush these lumps out. This process should only take a few swipes or seconds. If the formula dries, reapply and repeat the process.

By following the 6 mascara tips above, you’ll start applying mascara like a pro. And speaking of pros — if you need help with any other beauty concerns, contact one of our MOBILESTYLES PROs today!


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