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How To Calm Yourself From a Panic Attack Self-Soothing for Adults That Actually Works

How To Calm Yourself From a Panic Attack: Self-Soothing for Adults That Actually Works

Stop your anxiety attack in its tracks when you follow these self-soothing for adults techniques.

Don’t let panic attacks take over your life; instead, follow these self-soothing for adults tips.

Each year, about 11% of Americans experience a panic attack. In response to typical non-threatening events, a panic attack induces quick, fleeting sensations of terror and powerful bodily reactions. You may sweat profusely, have trouble breathing, and feel as though your heart is racing during a panic attack. It might feel like you're experiencing a heart attack. Anxiety manifests itself in different ways for every person. However, you can stop it from transforming into a panic disorder by following these self-soothing for adults tips.

Take control of your anxiety!

Breathing exercises

When we’re anxious, our breathing becomes rapid and shallow, depriving our bodies of necessary oxygen. This can result in a cycle effect in which we feel worried, take shallow breaths, get even more agitated, and then breathe even worse. Breathing exercises teach us to manage our breath in the present time, which can help us feel better physically and psychologically.

Positive affirmations

Positive affirmations are brief, effective, verbal phrases that can assist you in challenging negative beliefs. Affirmations increase our self-esteem and enable us to focus on the positives rather than the negatives. It takes practice, but you’ll see a difference with time. You can say these affirmations yourself or find videos or images to help you.



A relaxing aroma can help reduce anxiety by appealing to the senses, keeping the individual grounded, and providing something to focus on. Lavender is a popular folk treatment for promoting relaxation and serenity. Many research studies show that lavender can aid with anxiety relief. If the user dislikes the fragrance of lavender, they might substitute another essential oil, such as bergamot orange, chamomile, or lemon.

Physical grounding

When a person is overwhelmed by upsetting thoughts, feelings, or memories, focusing on something concrete in their surroundings might help them feel grounded. If the individual experiences frequent panic attacks, they might carry a certain familiar object to help ground them. This might be a smooth stone, a seashell, or a little toy. Another example of grounding is sitting barefoot in the grass or sand. Grounding strategies like these can help those who are suffering from panic attacks, anxiety, or trauma.


Journaling may help you process your ideas and feelings while also allowing you to see things from a different perspective. Journaling helps us slow down, calm down, and put issues into perspective. Experiment with making lists, bullet journals, prompts, and more, and allow Anytime you feel a panic attack coming, make sure to try out one of these self-soothing for adults tips. Also, remember that you’re not alone. Besides your family, friends, and doctor, MOBILESTYLES is here as well. We have a variety of PROs that can help you de-stress. For more information, download our app today.


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