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Instagram Beauty Secrets of Influencers

Instagram Beauty Secrets of Influencers

Ready to take the next steps to be the social media influencer you're destined to be? Here are some tips for you to start with. Happy influencing!


How is it that Instagram beauty influencers always look so perfect? Their makeup is always flawless, their hair is never out of place, and they always have the perfect outfit. Instagram influencers may seem like they spontaneously take the perfect photos, but there is often a lot of behind-the-scenes action that goes into making their photos look so effortlessly beautiful. Here are a few secrets the influencers don’t want you to know!

They have a team

Many of the top influencers have a full team that helps them achieve that glowing look for their photos. From photographers to makeup artists, hair stylists, and wardrobe stylists, they often have the assistance of professionals to help them look like they just randomly shot that perfect coffee shop snap. In reality, they may have taken dozens of photos (with a little help from their friends) to get the one they posted.


Photo by Ben Weber on Unsplash

They use the right lighting

Successful influencers know how to use lighting to their advantage. They know the right angles to take photos in natural daylight -- or their photography team uses reflectors to perfect the lighting. They also invest in lighting to help enhance their photos. For instance, many influencers use a ring light like the Diva Light to boost their natural beauty.

They edit their photos

Don’t assume that a photo you see on Instagram hasn’t been altered to look its best. Photoshop and apps like Facetune allow influencers to edit their photos to perfection. Blemishes are removed, waists are narrowed, and wrinkles erased. Hair color and makeup can even be changed with a few clicks.

They aren’t all natural

This beauty secret is a little controversial, but many influencers have had help from their plastic surgeons to get their famous looks. From nose jobs to boob jobs, many models and influencers go under the knife to perfect their image. Besides plastic surgery, other beauty enhancers include botox, fillers, and lip injections. While at times the alterations may be quite obvious, there are many influencers who attempt to keep the work they’ve had done a secret.

They get many of the products they use for free

If you are trying to use the beauty products that your favorite influencers are recommending, you may find it to be rather pricey. Often those expensive beauty products are given to influencers for free in exchange for a mention or post. Sometimes, they are even paid to promote their favorite products. #Sponsored #ad, anyone?

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