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Find the right PRO for your next waxing hair removal services!

Find the right PRO for your next waxing hair removal services!

Discover vetted PROs for your next laser service! The best part? Our PROs go directly to you!

Waxing specialists are responsible for removing body hair through a variety of techniques. Your specialist should also give suggestions for the different types of services, as well as answer any questions you may have.

  • Variety of Techniques

    Variety of Techniques

    Our professionals use a variety of techniques. They offer mobile body waxing services, mobile hair removal, and laser - just to name a few!

    If you've already decided which technique you'd like to try for your waxing hair removal services, be sure to let your PRO know beforehand. Otherwise, our experts can suggest the technique they think is best!

  • All Manes Welcome

    All Manes Welcome

    If you're feeling hesitant about removing your hair, don't worry - our PROs have seen it all. They're happy to give you the best laser services you can imagine.

  • Removal at Your Convenience

    Removal at Your Convenience

    MOBILESTYLES gives you access to the best health and beauty professionals across the U.S. Prioritize your comfort, and book a wax specialist to come right to your location within 2 hours or less!

    All of our clients have access to our wide range of high-quality, on-demand body waxing services!

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Waxing specialists are also known as estheticians, cerologists, wax artists, and hair removal specialists. While the titles may be different, the services provided should be very similar!

Some of these services include, but are not limited to:

  • Laser Hair Removal Services
  • Mobile Body Waxing Services

Are You an On-Demand Wax Specialist?

MOBILESTYLES can help you grow further in your career. When you begin a mobile waxing service job, you’ll have the ability to set the schedule that best suits your lifestyle!

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