About Us

For on-the-go stylists, artists, & massage therapists, Mobile Styles is a
new way of earning extra money. We’re fashioning a network centered
around our professionals’ independence and mobility.

Whether you need a spur of the moment haircut
or you’re in a hurry but need to get your nails done,
Mobile Styles provides the perfect hairstylist or nail
artist in your city to your doorstep. Mobile Styles is
a simplified tool that provides our end users with
active lifestyles, a glitzy and tailored experience.

The idea of Mobile Styles started when a renowned
New York and Beverly Hills hairstylist wanted to
simplify the process of booking talented hairstylists.
After deciding to expand his craft outside of the US,
he found himself flying back to his clients once a
month. He decided to develop an app that connects
busy individuals and event coordinators to amazing
stylists who deliver their talents anytime, anywhere.