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Taking On a MOBILESTYLES Barber Job

Congratulations on taking your first steps to landing a barber job with MOBILESTYLES!

Explore the Benefits of Scoring a Freelance Barber Job With MOBILESTYLES


Your Life, Your Schedule

Barbers looking for work: we can help you further progress your barber career! Getting an on-demand barber job with MOBILESTYLES allows you the freedom to create a schedule that fits your lifestyle! Because a “regular” schedule doesn't always work for everyone, we believe in offering flexibility and work-life balance that lets you choose when YOU can focus on your barber career.


Now Hiring Barbers Looking To Grow Their Client Base

Barbers wanted! Are you a barber looking for work? With a mobile barber job, you'll be working with clients who need to get recurring hair and beard lineups in the comfort of their chosen location and time. This is a great chance to engage with repeat clients to create meaningful connections. 


A New Day, Everyday!

We’re hiring barbers! Barbers needed to work in multiple different locations with new people everyday. With MOBILESTYLES, you’ll never have the same day twice!

Beginning an On-Demand Barber Job

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Barbers needed! MOBILESTYLES is now hiring barbers, so it's good to know what certifications you will need before applying. All PROs who work with MOBILESTYLES must follow their state certification and licensing requirements to prove their eligibility to perform services.

In order to gain an on-demand barber job license, most states follow similar requirements:

  • Be at least 16 years old

  • Have a high school diploma or GED

  • Complete a state-mandated licensing program

It is very important that you check the barber job requirements in order to be licensed in your state before deciding on where you will complete your education or training.

For instance, some states require a minimum 1,500 hours of instruction before qualifying to take a licensing exam. It important to know your state's protocols when pursuing a barber career!

Calling all barbers looking for work! Your main responsibilities for your barber career are to cut, trim, and style a client's hair. They should also be comfortable with fitting hairpieces and working with beards, as well. In a barber job, you should always be able to provide hairstyle suggestions and proper haircare advice to all of their clients!

With MOBILESTYLES, all jobs will be done at the location of the client's choosing. These locations may include: their house, rooftop, TV production set, or wedding venue — just to name a few!

Freelance barber job services and expectations usually involve, but are not limited to:

  • Showing up at the scheduled time!

  • Watching for app notifications that may indicate changes to your appointment

  • Having all the proper tools and the ability to transport them to and from the appointment

  • Double checking that you have all products/tools needed to meet the client's needs

  • Trimming/cutting/shaping hair

  • Using tools such as scissors, razors, clippers, and combs

  • Maintaining and shaving facial hair

  • Shampooing and styling

Ready to Get Started on Your Barber Job?

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We believe in flexibility and taking control of your work!


Client Satisfaction

Clients are the backbone of our company — without them, there is no MOBILESTYLES! We strive to make sure every single client is satisfied with their service, and that they feel and look great!


Community & Inclusivity

No matter what city you’re working out of, we believe in doing right by the communities we serve, as well as setting a good example for our peers whenever we can by being inclusive with the PROs we recruit, clients we serve, and our hardworking employees!



Nobody is the same, and that’s exactly how we like it! Show off your unique style and passion in your work, and you’ll stand out as a trendsetter others can look up to!


Pride in Our Work

Our jobs are to make people look and feel good. This is a huge responsibility that we take very seriously, and we take great pride in every single service we provide.



An unwavering sense of respect for everyone is an absolute must when working with MOBILESTYLES. Discrimination or prejudice of any kind is not tolerated, and we require our PROs to uphold these standards at all times.

Get to Know PRO Chris

Sit down with us and PRO Barber, Chris, to find out their favorite part of being a PRO, how they started their professional career, inspiration for their looks, and more!

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Ready to Get Started on Your Barber Job?

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